Plot Units


An on-site pilot test is the best method for determining process flux and permeate quality and consequently makes up–scaling easy and reliable.

We have test units available at our factory and we can therefore service our customers fast.

The pilot units are designed for on-site testing of the cross flow filtration. The units are made of components from the leading process equipment suppliers.

Horan offers pilot units in SS316L, PP, C-PVC as well as ATEX approved units. The units are fully automated and offer remote operation and monitoring as well as data-logging.

The pilot units can also be customized to meet customer specific requirements. This includes containerized and modified pilot units. 

Horan’s test and application engineers are available for start-up of pilot tests as well as operational training

In-house test facilities

Horan has in-house test facilities and can therefore conduct lab scale test of water samples provided by our customers. If you want us to carry out a test on your water sample then contact us today to get started!

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