Municipal Wastewater

Municipal Solutions

Horan enjoys more than 40 years of experience in municipal wastewater treatment. Horan starts with creating value and ensuring success for engineers, contractors, and plant operators. Customers praise not only Horan’s equipment, but also their overall experience with Horan’s team.


Fast Response

Horan makes sure you receive all the needed details for your project design in a fast and responsive manner. Horan’s detailed process calculations, drawings, and custom specifications help you get your job done faster.

Ease of Installation

With thousands of installations throughout the world, Horan has gained the necessary knowledge to design equipment and provide support so that each installation goes as smoothly as possible. Contractors get full support in equipment installation and start-up.

Quality Equipment

Because of the quality systems Horan employs, plant operators enjoy equipment with longer life cycles and lower maintenance costs. Equipment components are shop assembled prior to shipment to the job site. This simple step results in trouble-free construction and successful start-ups.