SUB Distribution Boards (SDB)

SUB Distribution Boards (SDB) Overview:

The MDB feeds Sub Distribution Boards (SDB) which are installed midway through the power distribution system at a point where the large distribution cable terminates and several smaller sub-circuits begin. These switchboards are larger than a final distribution board circuit although they have similar construction process. It is comprised of a free-standing enclosure, a bus bar system, metering, supporting equipments and appropriate current transformers. Panels are then assembled in a systematic manner such as incoming and outgoing section. Our SUB Distribution Boards (SDB) are used to distribute and control the power supply in large buildings such as shopping malls, hospitals, universities, Factories, and hotels.

The Sub Distribution Boards are generally installed after the Sub Main Distribution Boards. Our SDBs make an essential part of any circuitry in your homes, offices or any other place. They serve an important purpose and cannot be ignored at any cost. One of the most important devices, they make sure that the current is properly distributed to all the devices allowing proper functioning. This also makes sure that none of the devices suffer from the effects of over currents or short circuits.

The vertical and horizontal combination of elements makes it possible to build “tailor made” enclosures for most requirements and customize projects. Thanks to slim packaging, storage and transport are optimized.