Iron Removal

Iron and Manganese Oxidation and Removal Systems

Iron Oxidation Systems force diffused air into a stream of moving water under pressure in a manner that insures intimate contact between the air and all particles of water. It is ideal for oxidation of ferrous iron which can then be removed by filtration in a pressure type system.

Iron Oxidation Systems offer you:

A means of pressure aeration for iron oxidation

Treatment of 40 to 1,000 gpm per unit

Completely enclosed treatment unit

Single pump operation

Iron Oxidation Systems are effective where organic iron or dissolved gases such as carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide do not require treatment.

Applied to groundwater treatment for iron removal where alkalinity > 100 mg/l, pH > 7.0 and line pressure is 30 psig or more. In order to maximize filter performance, iron content should be less than 5 mg/L.

Pilot treatment units are available for on-site process verification.