Conventional Gravity Filters in a Cluster Arrangement

The conventional gravity filters may be applied wherever a cost-effective, space-saving conventional gravity filter is desired. The heart of the General Filter lies in the prefabricated center column that eliminates onsite assembly of a piping gallery. Our gravity filter furnishes its own backwash water supply from in-service cells. In most cases, backwash supply pumps are eliminated.

Each filter has four granular media filter cells positioned around a central distributor column. Circular weirs evenly divide the water to each operating cell for filtration. The water then flows down through the filter media and through the underdrain and out into an effluent chamber and over the effluent weirs.

During backwash, the effluent weirs provide backwash head to clean the filters with water from in-service cells. Backwash waste is discharged from the bottom of the distribution column.

Prefabricated components include the distributor column, washtroughs, and underdrain forms. These components simplify construction and minimize cost.

Gravity filters are used in hundreds of plants. They are preferred for their compact arrangement and simple operation. 

Our Gravity Filter offers you:



NEW Low Profile Gravity Filter System with Multiple Wash Process: 

A newly designed low profile gravity filter system reduces operating and installation costs providing you an efficient and low cost alternative to conventional gravity filter design.